Mail-in cutlery knife sharpening services provide easy ways for home chefs to improve their knives and easily cut through tough foods like meat and vegetables. When you send in knives to sharpen, you have other options to consider for the knife as well. The add-on options can improve the performance of the knife and make a big difference with your daily use.

Learn more about the add-on services and how each one changes the way you use knives in the kitchen.

1. Chip Repair

Sometimes when the knife hits something hard like a bone or root, the knife may chip. A chipped knife can really impact the performance and lead to uneven cuts on the meat. One way to help with any chips is through chip repair services.

A chip repair service will resort the knife to a smooth texture and ensure the chip gets repaired with the same material the knife is made from. Once a service repairs the chip, the knife is sharpened so it performs well and remains sharp.

2. Bolster Adjustment

Many knives include a bolster. A bolster is a thicker piece that sits between the blade and the handle of a knife. A bolster provides proper balance to the knife, but the balance may get thrown off if the blade has been sharpened or thinned. One way to help is with a bolster adjustment. Knife experts will properly balance the knife after sharpening.

The bolster adjustment can make a big difference in the way you cut through foods and help you achieve even cuts and a smooth process. If the handle and bolster are too heavy, you could suffer through hand fatigue.

3. Blade Thinning

When knives get sharpened, the top part of the blade often becomes thicker. When you need to press the knife down deep, the top part may seem way too thick compared to the bottom half of the knife. One way to help with the process is with a service known as blade thinning. Blade thinning will shave away small sections of the knife and even out the cut.

When you have to go deep into something, you will not have to put extra pressure into the second half of the cut. Blade thinning is considered a whole-knife service and will really transform your knife after a lot of wear and tear.

You can apply the services to individual knives or the whole set of knives that you send out through a mail-in cutlery knife sharpening service.