Most people love sandwiches, so making sandwiches a part of the menu at your upcoming catered party can make a lot of sense. While you have the option of having your caterer make several kinds of sandwiches, another option is to set up one or more make-your-own sandwich stations. Your guests will then have the ability to make sandwiches to their specifications. Consider these dos and don'ts for this idea.

Do: Use Specialty Products

A make-your-own sandwich station should be filled with specialty products that will help to separate the kinds of sandwiches your guests make from those that they might make for their workday lunches. Use breads and buns from a local bakery, for example, and have your caterer pick them up on the morning of the event so that they'll be fresh. Condiments from local vendors, specialty meats, and creative toppings can all go a long way toward making the sandwiches memorable.

Don't: Use Conventional Serving Containers

In most cases, you want the food at your catered party to be presented professionally and tastefully. With this in mind, don't get in the way of how your catering service wants to set up the sandwich station. For example, you might think that a jar of pickles and some squeeze bottles of condiments are suitable, but respect your caterer's idea to use stylish serving bowls and other containers for these items.

Do: Ensure Things Are Topped Up

Your caterer doesn't have to put out all of the sandwich food at the start of the event, but you want to ensure that a catering service staff member regularly tops up anything that needs it. For example, if one type of meat is a popular choice and quickly disappears, you want the caterer to provide more of it to satisfy your guests who haven't yet reached the sandwich station.

Don't: Remove Things Too Early

There might be a prime meal time at your event, but that doesn't mean that the food needs to disappear at the conclusion of this part of the day. Ideally, people will love the sandwiches so much that they might help themselves later on. Talk to your catering service about keeping the make-your-own sandwich stations intact throughout the party. After the main meal rush, a staff member can tidy up the station, restock it, and have it ready for people who want to grab something in a while.

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